• Strategy We specialise in advising application developers on business growth and financing. We've helped businesses achieve profit growth of 300%+ year on year.

  • Testing & Support We employ a structured approach to testing applications that leaves no stone unturned. We often find dozens of bugs unnoticed by in-house testing and can also assist with customer support.

  • Optimisation We take a hands-on approach and get involved in the details of your app business. We can often immediately suggest changes to improve conversion rates, user retention and the overall profitability of your business.

Chatsworth & Whitton

We are a specialised business that focuses on helping application developers achieve success on the app stores.

Our services range from business consulting, revenue optimisation, customer acquisition, application bug/usability testing and customer support solutions.

We work exclusively with app developers.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in confidence. We are happy to sign any NDAs so that we can fully understand your business needs before providing a quotation for our services.